Make sentence transformations:

1.  It isn’t necessary for Emma to wash her dog once a week. Emma

2.  Is it possible to recycle garden trimmings?

3.  It isn’t advisable to play with matches. You

4.  It is not possible for us to spend this evening at the concert. We

5.  James is obliged to copy the files.  James

6.  It is forbidden to use mobiles phones in hospital. You

7.  It isn’t necessary for Helen to prepare a birthday cake. Helen

8.  It is your duty to be in the office on time. You

9.  It isn’t necessary for Celia to look for a new flat. Celia

10.  It is forbidden to cut down protected trees. You

11.  It is necessary for us to stop using so much energy. We

12.  It is advisable for John to attend this seminar. John 

13.  It is possible that Josh repairs this leaking pipe. Josh

14.  It is necessary for you to see the doctor. You

15.  He is not allowed to take my car. He

16.  It’s forbidden to feed these animals. You


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